I Am Now a Wine Blogger (Sort of) ~ The Wine Krew

I have a long and storied love affair with wine.

Not really. However, I have grown more interested in wine since making friends with Conrad of the Wine Wankers.

As I have explained previously, Conrad writes in a real and engaging way. He also utilizes humor and just isn’t the stereotypical Wine guy.

And I enjoy reading his blog and talking to Conrad.

The other night Eva tweeted to Conrad that she might need his #Wine expertise. I jokingly answered that I would help. Of course on matters of #Wine I know I am of no real assistance.

But for humor, I think I’m good.

And to my surprise, Eva asked about the benefits of “gifting.”

And this I can answer.

This is my gift to Eva and Conrad.

It’s a virtual tour of the Central Coast wine region as I would experience it. And have experienced it, perhaps 100 times in my lifetime.

However, I have never toured the Wineries of the area, except 1. And I didn’t actually taste any wine.

But, and it’s a great big but, yesterday, mysteriously a magazine called Vintages arrived with my Fresno Bee.

It’s put out by the The Tribune News of San Louis Obispo. Which is at the heart of the Central Coast wine region.

This was great luck, and is quite useful. And yes, I recognize many of the names, as they wineries are fairly well known, AND visible to me from Highway 46 on the way to the coast.

Fresno is approximately 3.5 hours from the coast, and is tucked close under the Sierra Nevadas in the Central Valley.

When leaving Fresno (a boring place really) we travel down Highway 41 to 46. And then proceed generally west.

The first real place of interest we come to is Chalome.

Chalome is where James Dean died and they have a lovely memorial there for him.


It’s a nice rest stop as well, and a little general store.  But there’s not much more there than that.

As we proceed west on Highway 46 we come to Paso Robles.  And we start to see the vineyards and wineries.

Paso Robles is where the climate begins to change.  It is where the dry valley climate mixes with the Mediterranean climate that affords the rich growing opportunities for great wine varietals.

And not to brag, but as transplanted Frenchman, Guillame Fabre of Glos Solene Winery notes in Vintages, “Here, with the soil and climate, you can produce almost anything you want.  You have no barriers.”

Once I have exhausted the Central Coast, I will talk about the other Wine regions I have visited, yet not enjoyed the wines.  I think that as a wine person that enjoys tourism, you will find much to enjoy in California.

To Be Continued….

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12 thoughts on “I Am Now a Wine Blogger (Sort of) ~ The Wine Krew

    1. Haha.

      I’m far to old to drink now!

      And Id swallow it and be drunk!

      There’s like 50 in Paso Robles itself! And that’s just the edge of the region! haha.

      Teddy can drive!


      1. Ima gunna take you up on that one! One day, when I eventually get to it on “the list”, I’ll hit you up to be the driver and you can take me for a spin around these, no doubt, lovely wineries. Sounds like a plan. Perfect! 😉


  1. Thanks for the shout out. I’ll be following your journey. But I am dismayed that there’s a relationship between youth and wine as you state above. I’m definitely too old to drink but since I’m a rebel, I defy the rules and have a glass or two daily with my Pablum or gruel.


    1. I deny any general relationship between youth and wine.

      Mine is an individual response to being hung over the next day!



    1. We will be Krewing more in Paso Robles next I think. It’s where the big Central State Fair is also!


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