My Love Affair With Wine

Before we proceed into Paso Robles on my Central Coast tour I suppose I should explain my background with wine.

My love affair with wine started in 1977 when my family moved to Fresno.

One fine fall day I stepped outside into the crisp air and smelled I knew not what.

And what it turned out to be was the Gallo Winery that was less than a mile from our home at the time.

And I use the term “winery” charitably as it looks more like a factory to me.



The Gallo brothers are famous for suing their brother when he dared to use the family name on his cheese business.  They won the lawsuit, but it’s strange to me that a man can’t use his own family name on his own business.

The Gallo(w) winery is contrasted by the pastoral Bianchi Winery in Paso Robles.



That’s not to say we do not have outstanding wineries in the area.  We certainly do.

One of the best is run by the kids at Fresno State University, in the Department of Vitoculture and Enology.  Fresno State is the first University in the nation to run a licensed winery, ahead of the better known UC Davis & Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

The kids turn out a great product, with many award winning vintages.





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8 thoughts on “My Love Affair With Wine

    1. Great. Thanks for coming over. If you do again, and like the Central Coast I recommended Cambria and Hearst Castle, the tide pools at Los Osos, and tons of other stuff, haha.



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