The Heart of Wine Country ~ Paso Robles

Fresno, is located in Fresno County, otherwise knows as Agriculture Central

And grapes are the number one crop!

However Fresno County is slightly arid, and though we have rich soil we wouldn’t be farming (in the quantity we do) without the extensive irrigation that goes on.

True, many go for raisins and other food needs, but many are converted into Wine.  Unfortunately much of that is Gallo Wine, but I suppose they have their place in the market.

Our soil is perfect for everything, and conveniently enough this includes grapes.

However, we are heading to the Central Coast on our epic #Wine journey!

Central CA maps


When last seen, we had toodled past Chalome, and down towards Paso Robles.

Chalome itself looks more like the Central Valley in terms of flora and fauna, and as you approach Paso Robles, you begin to pick up the mediterranean look of the area.

Paso Robles is tucked inside the Coastal Range in a small valley, surrounded by mountains on the east and northwest.

And as you drop into the Valley over the eastern edge you get a sense of the agriculture in the area.

The following images are coutesy of Google Earth.

capture (1)



Here we approach the Tobin James Winery along Freeway 46.  Paso Robles is just visible in the north east corner of the picture, below the hills.



The area is a leader in sustainable practices, with a local organization,
offering certification.


And as Conrad is a fan of beer, I recommend BarrelHouse Brewing Company, an outdoor beer garden, located in downtown Paso Robles.


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18 thoughts on “The Heart of Wine Country ~ Paso Robles

  1. I liked your Website and the Wine efforts; thanks for visiting my humble Blog from South Africa. I also enjoyed your maps and if you are interested I shall try getting you some pics on our Wine lands.

    To quote: “Wine is the nectar of the Gods and maketh glad the heart of Man.’’


    1. Cool. Thanks for visiting Ike.

      I’m always interested in geography, and I think my friends The Wine Wankers might also be interested.



      1. It’s after midnight here now, 01:31 AM to be exact on Sunday April 27 and hence we have just entered Freedom Day. I am a little tired but woke up and found your reply I my Gmail Inbox. You seem to cover a wide range of topics; that appeals to me too. Good luck in your ventures.

        Actually I have been on somewhat of a sabbatical from Blogging these past few months and maybe your visit to my humble Web abode may be the catalyst that I needed.


      2. Do you talk about moonshine or white lightning too?

        On 4/27/14, Andy Kaufman’s Kavalkade Krew Featuring The Wandering Poet


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