Paso Robles Wine Country

As you approach Paso Robles there’s a sea change in atmosphere.

The cool sea breeze hits you and you can feel the very ocean!

I kid.

It’s still pretty much damn hot over there in Paso Robles.  Generally, that is.  During the summer months.

Yet the soil is perfect for many varieties of grape.

And there is apparently a raging debate about the nature of wine in the wine community.

Is Wine made in the field or in the winery?

And I come down with Conrad on this.

Although I’m not sure than just any old grape can be turned into a great wine I am sure that without any grapes you would have no wine.

I digress.

As we head into Paso Robles the choice is north or south.  Or to stay in Paso Robles, which we typically do not do.

We typically head south down 101 towards San Luis Obispo,  And honestly, Paso Robles has been more of a pit stop!



Here’s a wonderful view, apparently slightly to the west of the above picture.  The massive difference is I haven’t highlighted where we are driving!

PS:  For Eva.  See the mountains now?  LoL.



This is not meant to demean Paso Robles, as they are a wonderful pit stop (Disclaimer:  I live in Fresno. )

One of the main attractions in Paso Robles, besides the wonderful wineries is the California Mid-State Fair.

And if you are worried about being overrun by San Francisco liberals, I would advise you that the non-coastal areas of California are a bit more conservative generally.

They wear cowboy hats, and rodeo and other fun stuff as they drink their wine.

Why, the boys at Brain & Baker cooked up their plans for a winery in Yosemite camping.  That’s not typical frou frou behavior, at all.

And the seafood is fresh and to die for, Paso Terra being a great place to eat.

You can definitely be  bacchanalian in Paso Robles!

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      1. Sometimes it seems like it doesn’t it? They get so extreme and think it’s normal. lol.


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