A Tale of Two Wines ~ Pinot Noir

My Thursday night outing was a delightful journey into the magic world of Pinot Noirs.

It exceeded all I had hoped for in finding a pair of Pinot Noir wines that could be enjoyed at the same meal, with two completely different courses.

The evening began with cab ride into town. That town being Modesto, CA.

I, myself live about 20 miles southeast of town on a country acre.  My destination was
Surlas Restautant.

I knew, from previous dining and wining experience that this was the place to go.  Chef and owner, John Surla, has created a fine dining experience that is comparable to the the best in our state.

At my arrival, I was met by cheerful hostess, who I shared my plan with. I asked to be seated in the lounge where I was met by uber helpful Jeremy, resident bartender and wine steward.

Jeremy brought me the wine list immediately.i was overjoyed to find a long list of Pinots and the Pinot Noir duel commenced.

I decided on my appetizer, pork belly mini wraps stuffed with stick rice fillings.
It was plated like sushi on a long narrow dish. I chose a No.6 2011 Willamette
Valley Pinot Noir to pair it with.

I swilled my glass and detected notes of blackberries and oak. The first taste, provoked a definite yes to the wine steward.

The pork belly wraps were outstanding and generous enough to have been meal such as lunch.It was so good that I lingered over it for a good 40 minutes.

That Oregon wine held up to the rich and fragrant wraps .  This berry and oak
tasty Pinot can be purchased at about $17.00 dollars, a good price .

The main course was beet and goat cheese salad and a tomahawk pork chop.

I chose a 2013 Belle Glos Clark and Telephone Pinot Noir.  The preceding
“address” refers to the name of the Vineyard, 6 miles inland in the Santa Maria
Mountain basin.

What a contrast this wine was. It was as light and subtle as the No. 6 was bold and spicy.   With its cherry, strawberry plum taste this wine had an equally elegant bouquet, fruity, with just a tad of spice.

It worked perfectly with the salad and delicious generous pork chop. I savored this main course for nearly an hour.

This stunning Pinot retails at approximately $50.00.

I purchased with my meal for $65.00 and would have paid more.

Beyond being very drinkable, it is a versatile Pinot that could be paired well with vegetable, pork, lamb and beef.i savored this with my dinner for over an hour, drinking 3 five ounce pours.

The food was great , the crowd was friendly and the wine was exquisite. It was hard to choose a favorite but in the end, I chose the 2013 Belle Glos.

Winemaker Joseph Wagner makes an elegant Pinot Noir. The Belle Glos name is
a nod to his mother Belle Glos Wagner, cofounder of famed Camus Winery.

An evening like this would be hard to beat. I’ll do my best to do that as I make my way through California wineries and the most interesting dining venues to be found.

8 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Wines ~ Pinot Noir

  1. This is going to be like a walk down memory lane with you, Lili.

    I was born a left-coaster to a Navy family, and ended up marrying a Navy man stationed at NAs Lemoore.

    Daughter was born in Fresno when St. Agnes hospital had only one lane of paved road to get there. Lived in Bakersfield and Modesto, traveled to the Bay area for work and pleasure.

    Do you remember those old commercials trying to promote this up and coming wine area of “Napa, Sonoma, and Mendocino”? My favorite was the guy who finally could say the tongue twister name in his dream. It must have been effective for me to recall that 45 years later!

    Looking forward to sharing your wine notes! (Thanks for the visit too!)


      1. Then you re probably laughing about the hospital! Back then E&J Gallo made jug wines.
        I’ve been pleased to taste some very nice Gallo Family Reserve reds in the last few years, thinking of how far everyone has come since then.
        Very glad you decided to write a wine blog…


      2. I live with 2 miles of E&J on Clovis. And it’s about time for them to start smelling up the joint, haha.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I was 7 when we moved here in 1977, and always lived in the Southeast. Graduated from Roosevelt. I remember being the very very north side of town. And the Reps motel on Blackstone being like very far north otherwise on that road, haha.


      4. I like to make fun of the Gallo factory, but they wouldn’t be where they are without some decent wine. I just don’t think it’s produced here in Fresno, lol.


    1. Yes. I do remember that! Laughing,thinking of that.Thank you for your kind words and humor. Yes, this is a joy for me.Hope that you continue to enjoy the walk with me.


  2. Wonderful post, Lili. I really got a sense of what those wines might feel like on the pallet. Will certainly try them when I get the chance. Great advice on pairing too.


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