#Wine and the Woz

What to do on another fun Saturday night while on “Staycation?” Not a tough choice for this wine lover.  One of the joys of a Staycation is getting to be spontaneous.  There is no set air travel or pricey hotels unless you want one as part of a special overnight.

So there I sat, lounging in my PJs as If I’m on vacation.   Every weekend is an awesome chance to discover a new dining and wine cafe or rediscover an older more familiar one in my community.  So, for me, most of this Staycation has been about discovery.

Last weekend was one of the 2014 Summer Staycation’s most memorable ones. I chose Tresettis Word Caffee as our dinner choice and was so happy I did. This bistro type dinner wine café has been doing well in Modesto for about 25 years now.

Additionally,  I discovered that our local Gallo Arts Center had a trio of events and speakers that night.   As I continued to read on the local arts paper I noted that Destination Graduation , a youth mentoring program, was hosting a benefit where Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak was the speaker and special guest.  Tickets we’re still available so I snatched up 2, one for my my dear friend and one for myself.
The benefit started about 7:30, so we again scored a 530 reservation, which gave us plenty of time to eat and sip our wine and relax . Tresetti’s World Cafe and wine shop was wowing us.

Our server, Kirk brought us our wine list ,menus and recommendations in a friendly and very helpful manner.  We started with the baked Brie, roasted garlic and French bread.  Out of this world,paired with a 2012 de plapa Chardonnay.  We then moved onto our luscious dinner entrees and a 2012 Lincourt Pinot Noir . This exquisite wine was sweet but not too sweet and complemented our lemon chicken, my friend Jean’s and my Kobe beef.

One extra nice thing was how great our server was.   Kirk kept great track of our time so we’d be on time to see the Woz!  A short walk on a hot evening got us to the Gallo Center to hear Mr. Wozniak   .This event significantly helped our local teenagers.

From the time “The Woz” came on stage and treated us to his wisdom, joy and humor. He had us, his audience. transfixed for the next hour and a half.   One of the things that stood out for me was how he had set 2 goals.  One was to become an electronics engineer and the other was to be a fifth grade teacher.

In the following 50 years he did both.  And built , in his garage what we now know as the very first Apple Computer. He shared on a sweet and personal level.  I look forward to seeing him again someday.

Until my next entry, drink good wine and share it with the special people in your life,

Next week:  An exciting and historical weekend in Napa!

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