A Salute to Cupcake Wines

0ne of my favorite things to do during leisure time, especially precious time with friends, is to enjoy wine tasting in my home.

During these tastings, I like to serve assorted tapas, appetizers and little mini meals.  I like to serve with small cups of rice and beans. The rice, beans and melted cheese tend to soak up the alcohol, so that one can still enjoy multiple 5 ounce pours, if desired.

Talking with a couple of friends inspired me to revisit a favorite label of mine, Cupcake Wines, bottled here in both Livermore and Ripon, CA.  Thank you for the inspiration, friends! It was a joy to plan an evening around food, friends and tasting of specific Cupcake Whites.

Although I also enjoy Cupcake reds, I decided that early harvest time is a good time to imbibe with a flight of Cupcake Whites, quite chilled.

First, I chose, a 2013 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, a product of grapes grown and vinted in New Zealand. What a wonderful soil they must have there! This Sauvignon blanc was one of the lightest, crispest and most fragrant Sauvignon Blancs that I have tasted in years. It has a lemony, yet savory bouquet with notes of rosemary and sage. We paired this with mini breaded shrimp and it was delightful.

Our second choice was a 2012 Cupcake Central Coast Chardonnay. Although these grapes are grown on the Central coast, they are vinted and bottled in Livermore and Ripon, Calif.This wine has a moderate oak flavor surrounding a buttery, gingery and vanilla flavor. We paired it with mini tacos, rice and beans and it was an instant hit. More please!

If I were serving this as a main course wine, I think Id prefer to serve it with Maryland crab cakes or Lobster Thermidor. At about $10 a bottle, it’s an elegant wine.

Our final wine of the evening was 2012 Cupcake “Angel Food” wine, a white table wine bottled in Ripon, Calif. And not surprisingly, it has a bouquet of sweet, fresh Angel Food Cake. It is sweet and light. Although we paired it with light dessert, it would be smashing with any choice of food.  A true delight.

Until next time, enjoy the finer and sweeter things of life and exalt in the joy that you can do so, when and as you like, with frugality and fun.

1 thought on “A Salute to Cupcake Wines

  1. I am so very wine ignorant…I’m very much looking forward to following and learning bunches through your knowledge! Kids/life keep me running, so if you haven’t seen me for awhile then please come throw toast (or something equally not harmful) at me. Please! 😉

    Sincerely Lili, I love this page! ❤ ~ Wishing you a very happy week!

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